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Jan 09

Panasonic Aircon – the Best Comes to You Without Compromise

Panasonic has gained global acclaim now by leading the way in heating and cooling solutions. With more than about 30 years of experience, Panasonic Aircon now sells products in more than 120 countries across the globe. Bringing in innovation every day, Panasonic maintains a big network of R&D and production facilities. Let’s review a few major features of Panasonic aircon products, which makes it the most reliable and popular brand.

 What makes Panasonic the best?

The company now has more than 90,000 patents filed with innovations to enhance user experience. All in all, the company has now produced about 200 million compressors and owns 294 plants spread all over the world. The users can be fully assured of the reliability of Panasonic products. Visit for more information.

The wish and everlasting effort to excel in the field of cooling and heating made Panasonic a global leader in offering turn-key air conditioning solutions to;


Medium sized spaces as restaurants, clubs, and offices.

Large-scale buildings as plants, indoor stadiums, halls etc.



The brand is known for its highly durable products. The rugged design of Panasonic air conditioners offers them a sturdy outfit to operate trouble-free for many years. The company administers a range of durability tests on each of their models.

 Long-term durability test

Panasonic conducts an accelerated 10,000 hours test with continuous operation of the units to check its long-term durability. These tests are conducted at actual conditions itself to ensure the best performance in real-time situations.

 Shock resistance test

Simulating the potential impacts and vibrations, which can happen to the air conditioners during transportation, installation, and usage, sturdiness of the products are ensured. By this, the company ensures that the optimum performance of the products during the time of final inspection is kept unchanged when it reaches to the customer’s home.

The other factory tests to ensure durability include drop test, vibration test, warehouse storage test, transportation test etc.


The job of the air conditioner is to keep everyone inside the room comfortable without making its presence known. How can you be comfortable in a room where there is a roaring AC working? Panasonic conducts a series of tests to ensure this functionality too.

 Noise test

The noise of every indoor and outdoor models are checked while working at various spaces. The tests are conducted in echo-free chambers and the noise level is measured. It is ensured that the operating noise level of Panasonic ACs are low enough not to disturb the sleep or well being of the users.

Amenity test

By testing the products in normal living room conditions, various aspects are checked like the amount of sunlight coming in. Various parameters are checked as cooling efficiency, cooling speed, humidity, and temperature differences etc. This test ensures that the air conditioner operates at its desired performance level under daily life situations.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Test

The test ensures that the electromagnetic waves, which are usually emitted during operation of any electronic products, are low enough to prevent any adverse impact to other equipment like interrupting the TV signals or phone etc.

There are many other such tests too which are completed before each batch of Panasonic aircon reaches to the retailer end, making it a reliable choice for the common consumers.

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